Cal Harvest has been importing fruit and vegetables into the United States since its inception in 1988. They began importing product from New Zealand. With the increased competion from Chilean product and the change of New Zealand's marketing efforts, they began importing from Chile.

Since 1993, Cal Harvest has been specializing in imported fruit from Chile. Chile is in the southern hemisphere, so their growing season is the opposite of our California season. Chile's kiwifruit is packed in March and April of each year and marketed through September. Chile's grapes and stonefruit start in late November and run through the end of April. This complements Cal Harvest's California fruit and gives them a year-round supply. The Chilean fruit is available in similar pack-styles to Cal Harvest's California products.

The fruit from Chile is shipped primarily on break-bulk and containerized ships. Cal Harvest's destinations include both the East and West coasts of the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the South Pacific. The transit time to the U.S. from Chile is approximately 10 to 14 days. The transit time to the Pacific Rim ranges from 26 to 35 days.

Cal Harvest employs a complete quality control staff to ensure that its imported products meet the same high standards as their California products.

Cal Harvest works directly with the growers from Chile. They believe this direct connection to their suppliers is very important for transferring information between the grower and the market place. This also allows Cal Harvest to react quickly to differing market situations throughout the world or to changes that a specific segment of the market needs. This direct connection ensures that Cal Harvest's customers get what they want, when they want it!

Cal Harvest is always willing to listen to the specific needs of our trading partners. If you have any questions or need specific information please call us. For North American arrivals or for arrivals into the Pacific Rim contact John Fagundes.

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