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Kiwifruit Kiwiana Yogurt

2 bananas                                                          1 cup plain yogurt

2 tablespoons cream                                       1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 cup kiwifruit sauce*                                            2 egg whites

Sauce: Pulp kiwifruit by mashing well with a fork or placing in a blender or food processor for a short time. Sieve. Remember not to over-process the fruit--the crushed seeds give a speckly appearance to the sauce and cause it to taste bitter. Add 1 teaspoon caster sugar, icing sugar or sugar syrup to each kiwifruit pulped. A dash of lemon juice and/or liqueur may be added to taste. This makes a delicious ice cream topping or topping for cheesecakes or raw fruit. It may be prepared in bulk and frozen.

Mash bananas coarsely and combine with yogurt, cream and sugar. Fold in kiwifruit sauce. Whip egg whites until stiff and fold into the yogurt mixture. Spoon into serving dishes.

Serves 4.

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