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Freezing is the easiest, most convenient way to preserve kiwifruit at home. The fruit retains its fresh flavor and green color.

Choose fully ripe fruit. Sliced fruit freezes and thaws evenly and is attractive. Crushed fruit may be used for meat tenderizing.

Kiwifruit is high in acid; adding sugar or sweetening improves the flavor.

Ascorbic acid crystals or commercial fruit preservatives added before freezing improve the flavor and color retention. Use 1 teaspoon crystals for 1 quart syrup.

For syrup pack: use 3 cups sugar to 4 cups water. For dry sugar pack: use 1 cup sugar to 1 quart kiwifruit slices; toss to coat before packing. For crushed fruit use 1 cup sugar for 1 quart fruit or to taste.

Slices may be frozen individually by placing on cookie sheet or tray and freezing; pack after freezing. Good for garnishes.

Rigid glass or plastic containers are best for syrup packs. Freezer bags may be used for slices or whole fruit.

Freezing does NOT inactivate the enzymes that affect protein. Therefore, frozen kiwifruit must be heated to boiling before it is used in gelatin dishes or milk dishes to avoid changes in these foods. Frozen kiwifruit will tenderize meats; small whole fruit may be frozen for this use.


Kiwifruit has a milder flavor when it is canned. It retains the shape well, the texture is softer, and the color becomes lighter than fresh kiwifruit.

Boiling water bath is recommended. Do not use open kettle or oven method. Use standard canning jars and lids, prepared and sealed according to the manufacturer's directions.

Select solid, firm-ripe fruit, free from spots. Discard damaged fruit. Wash and peel. Fruit may be canned whole, sliced or crushed. Sliced fruit, carefully arranged in the jar makes the most attractive pack.


Kiwifruit may be sun dried, dried in the oven or in a home dehydrator. the fruit may be eaten dried, or soaked in water an hour or two and used in cooking. Steaming the dried fruit a few minutes over boiling water makes it moister to add to cakes, cookies and baked goodies.

Use soft-ripe fruit. Cut in halves or thick slices. Dip in heavy sugar syrup in which 1 teaspoon ascorbic acid crystals per quart have been dissolved. Dry in hot sun until pliable and leathery. Or in oven with heat about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (do not heat above 150 degrees Fahrenheit). Or in home drier according to manufacturer's directions.

For a confection, kiwifruit may be candied or glazed.

Kiwifruit makes an excellent fruit leather. Mix strained pulp with sugar to taste and dry in thin sheets on plastic sheets in sun or home dehydrator. A great treat for the children.


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